Teens questioned after possible retaliation for toddler death

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO — A recent murder of a teen in Bellefontaine Neighbors could have been revenge for the accidental killing of a toddler nearly two years ago. Detectives say it appears retaliation was a factor in the shooting death of 17-year-old Kameron Harvey. He was awaiting trial for manslaughter and was expected to make a plea this week.

Harvey was killed in a drive-by shooting while on his bicycle on October 4.  The shooting happened around noon. Police say that none of the the persons of interest in this case live in the area.

Harvey had been certified to stand trial as an adult for accidentally shooting and killing 3-year-old Xavier Robinson in December of 2015 at a home in north St. Louis County. Authorities say Harvey was friends with Xavier's older brother and had spent the night at the home. He was playing with a loaded gun that had an attached laser sight.  Authorities say Harvey was watching Xavier chase the laser when the gun went off, hitting Xavier in the stomach and killing him.

Detectives say two 17-year-olds are currently being questioned following Harvey's death. One of the persons of interests being questioned is related to Xavier Robinson.

Police say they are still developing evidence so they can present the case to the prosecuting attorney's office. Police say they firmly believe that they will have a resolution soon.