Hillsdale officer’s car, guns stolen from department parking lot

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HILLSDALE, Mo. – A Hillsdale police officer's personal jeep was stolen from the department's parking lot. And it's not just the jeep, but what was inside of it that had police concerned about the theft.

Hillsdale Police Chief Herb Simmons was not happy to learn of this.

“We are told that the officer car was recovered late (Thursday) afternoon, but officials say the officer's personal weapons and work badge are still out there,” he said. “The suspect broke into multiple vehicles on the police department's parking lot right here behind me.”

The chief said the officer was at the gun range Wednesday and left his personal items and badge in the jeep.

“Our police officers wear sew-on badges with their nametags, so his badge was on a clip in the back of his vehicle,” Simmons said.

The suspect also broke into two other police cars parked on the lot and stole three bulletproof vests.

“I will go through the policy and make sure there are no violations that he caused here, but he is hurt enough knowing that there are two more guns on the street,” Simmons said.

The officer’s stolen vehicle was recovered just two blocks away from the police station.

The suspect remains on the loose.

“Being at a police station, I thought this would not have happened, but in the past we have seen it happen in Illinois, Missouri departments …,” Simmons said. “We are trying to piece things together. I have different footage, angles of the cars, so we are also checking with residents on the streets to see if any of them had cameras on their houses.”

Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity or whereabouts is asked to contact the Hillsdale Police Department at 314-381-0527.