Kevin’s Reel World – Dierks Bentley

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Dierks Bentley is riding high these days churning out hit after hit on country radio.

He's written and performs a very poignant and haunting song called ‘Hold the Light’ for the new movie ‘Only the Brave,’ opening in theaters next week.

The song reflects the emotions of the firefighters who put their lives on the line to fight wild land fires and their loved ones who were left behind after a horrible tragedy.

Like most country artists, Bentley is used to playing big outdoor concert venues. He recently played the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater in July.

The mass shooting a Jason Aldean concert in Las Vegas is still was fresh on his mind. Many music stars are thinking about their safety and that of their fans.

"(Fans) don't need to come to a concert worrying about that. I don't want people coming and in the back of their mind thinking, ‘Am I going home tonight?’” Bentley said. “That can't exist. They need to come out there and blow off steam and recharge, but in regards to what we do, I haven't spent too much time thinking about that, but I'm sure I will. I'll think twice about playing a concert with a lot of buildings around."

Bentley is not on the road at the moment; his tour picks up again next month. In the meantime, he’s helping to promote his song for the movie.