Generous strangers help man after truck stolen while visiting sick son

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Thieves stole a man's work truck and tools while he was visiting his sick son at the hospital. Many of you have stepped forward, wanting to help.

From the moment Michael Trower's story aired on Thursday, I've been getting emails upon emails from people all over trying to lend a helping hand. The outreach even led to a dealership giving the father a new car.

"I'm just overwhelmed, I got a lot of friends and support, especially back home," said Michael Trower.

What started off as another blow to his faith turned into a reason to believe. Just days ago, police say two men used a tow truck to steal Trower's work truck while it was in a parking lot at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital. He was there caring for his son, Braden, whose battling Crohn`s and Colitis disease.

Minutes after FOX 2 aired the story on Thursday, dozens of viewers reached out trying to help.

"A lot of strangers, people from around here and construction companies, and people just telling me they saw me on the news and I just wanted to cry," said Michael Trower.

Family and friends back where Trower lives in Louisiana, Missouri set up a GoFundMe account. It has already raised hundreds of dollars. There is also two donation drop-off locations at Salon De Christie in St. Peters and St. Charles. That's the place where Trower's girlfriend works. Jennifer Buckman is the general manager.

"We are a family here, so any time one of ours is in trouble, we're there to help them out," said Jennifer Buckman.

Trower will also be in a new set of wheels. Cardinal Buick-GMC has decided to donate a pickup truck.

After being down on his luck on Wednesday, Trower  says he's hoping life looks up from here.

"My son is feeling better, he's had a good couple days so I'm hoping he'll be able to go home maybe as early as next week. And hopefully I can just get back to work and hopefully I've got something to work with," said Michael Trower.

Trower couldn`t say how more thankful he is for everyone`s support.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for people interested in helping the family.