Where are the parents? Many south St. Louis businesses burglarized by teens

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ST. LOUIS, MO — An overnight crime spree left six south St. Louis businesses damaged and some of them were missing cash.   Many victims are wondering where are the parents of the teen suspects?

Dick Krekeler owns the Deli on Macklind.  His business was burglarized.

“Parents have to get involved what is a 15-year-old doing running the streets at 3:00am,” said Krekeler.

It appeared the crime spree began at a McDonald’s on South Kingshighway. The drive-thru window was forced open, but nothing was taken. Then a Big Lots store was hit.  A window was smashed but nothing stolen.

And nearby a Metro PCS store was targeted. It’s the second time it’s been burglarized in less than a week. This time they took headphones and the cash register.  It was found in the alley.

Not far away on Macklind three more businesses were burglarized. The general manager of Russell’s restaurant was surprised.

“It’s really a safe neighborhood. We’ve been here going on five years. This is the first time we’ve had an incident,” said Russell’s on Macklind General Manager Faron Huster.

A block away the Macklind Avenue Deli was burglarized for the second time in three weeks. The suspects were caught on surveillance camera.  The front door was smashed and the thieves took around $200 dollars in cash.

“It does get frustrating, when it’s one on top of the other," said owner Dick Krekeler.

One 15-year-old suspect was caught. At last report the other suspect, who is also believed to be a teenager, was still at large.

Adam Wright, the head of the Southampton Neighborhood Association said the community supports police. He thinks they should do something different when it comes to crime fighting.

“I do think they need a new tactic and our neighborhood will support them in that tactic. We're ready to be engaged, but we need new tactics,” said Adam Wright.

Repairs to smashed windows and glass doors are not cheap. They can cost around $500 to $600 dollars, a larger cost than all the stuff that was stolen.