St. Louis County’s Pet Adoption Center offering free or reduced adoption fees

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OLIVETTE, MO - The St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center is packed with lovable pit bulls among the many other dogs and cats that are all looking for a good home.

October is both Adopt a Shelter Dog Month and National Pitbull Awareness Month. Throughout the month, the adoption fee for all dogs one year old and older will be $20, and the fee will be waived entirely for all pit bull and pit bull mix breeds. Normally, the fee is $40. There are 50 pit bulls in the St. Louis County Adoption Center at this time.

Dr. Beth Vesco-Mock, director of Animal Care and Control for St. Louis County says, “They are difficult to adopt out because they have such a stigma with them that a lot of people don’t want them.”

Dr. Vesco-Mock says all dogs have the same personalities, the same tendencies. But if a pit bites, it can do more damage than a small dog and that gets attention.

“All dogs are the same. They just need to be treated and trained. I would have no problem with taking this dog into my home with my other animals and with my children.”

They do different kinds behavioral test with every one of their animals to make sure they are "good" adoptable dogs.

“We sit outside with them. We have another pit bull intentionally in the play area with them and test them. Every single one of these dogs.”

Dr. Vesco-Mock says you can never 100% percent predict the behavior of any animal but also adds that we need to learn about the dogs we bring into our homes.

The St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center has dogs of all ages, breeds and colors available for adoption. The Pet Adoption Center is located at 10521 Baur Boulevard in Olivette, MO.