Mother says 3 kids pointed a BB gun at her son

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ST. LOUIS – A mother is upset after three kids pointed a BB gun at her son at an after-school program.

Austria Harrell’s son is 9-years-old and in fourth grade at Shaw Visual Performing Arts School in south St. Louis.

Every day he is transferred from there to an after-school program at Froebel Elementary School. On Monday, he was getting off the bus and walking into Froebel when he encountered three sixth graders.

Harrell said the boys started pushing and punching her son and then they pointed a BB gun and knife at him.

Harrell contacted the police. She said they located the boys and the BB guns and they may be facing assault charges.

Harrell is upset the after-school program wasn’t outside to escort her son in the school and that her son will be attending a different after school program.

She said now she knows the gun was a toy but still keeps wondering what could have happened if it was not.