Deer poacher taken down by law enforcement officers

CHESTERFIELD, MO – St. Louis County Police and a Missouri Conservation agent team up to capture a man suspected of poaching a lot of wildlife.  The man has been tied to 30 wildlife code violations, and has been issued four citations.

Daphne Garrard hunts legally, “I think it’s terrible, killing animals for what the heads.”

It’s deer season for bow hunters right now, but it’s never deer season for poachers. Anonymous tips to the conservation hotline, and a St. Louis county officer along with a conservation agent caught the suspected poacher.

Dan Zarlenga is a spokesman with the Missouri Department of Conservation. He said, “poaching robs wildlife resources from people who hunt legally and from people who enjoy watching wildlife and it takes the deer at an unfair advantage.”

The county cop stopped a man for a traffic violation and saw a lot of unexplained blood in the truck bed, soon the poacher was put out of business.

The man took the deer heads and left the bodies behind.  Zarlenga said, “They’re wasting a valuable resource, the deer that were cast aside except for their heads could have been used to feed people.”

Among the 30 citations he said the deer were taken from a highway, an artificial light was used to stun the animal which puts the hunter at an unfair advantage. And the man was way over the limit.

Daphne Garrard added, “Probably his guns need to be taken away, no more hunting, price you pay, he knew the rules when he started we all know the rules when we start.”

Firearms hunting season begins November 11th.

In this case conservation agents were made aware of the suspected illegal hunter when citizens called an anonymous tip line which is 800-392-1111.