Child followed home from elementary school in Ladue district

OLIVETTE, Mo. - Frightening moments in Olivette after a student is reportedly followed home from school.  Apparently this isn`t the first time something like this has happened this week.

This all unfolded near Old Bonhomme Elementary school on Old Bonhomme road just off Olive. Authorities tell us a fourth-grade girl was walking home from the school Wednesday afternoon around 4:30pm when she was approached by an Asian man driving a black, four door car.

The details of what exactly happened during the encounter have not been released. But a notice from the Ladue School District sent out to parents says that the student was followed home from school by the man. Fortunately she was able to get home safely and the man left the area.

Police are looking into another incident this past Monday morning that has some similarities to what happened yesterday in Olivette. In that case, a 14 year old girl was waiting at her apartment complex about 6:55am for the bus to take her to Parkway North High School. A St. Louis County Police spokesperson says an Asian man approached the girl and tried talking to her.

The girl`s mother says the man chased her daughter after she wouldn`t come to his car when he asked her to come there. The mother says the man tried to persuade her to come to his car by saying he had received a phone call that someone needed help. She ran back to her apartment once the man got out of his car.
County police say they don`t believe the man was trying to kidnap the girl and that there may have been a language barrier.

Whatever the case, the 14 year old got away and is safe. The investigations into both of these incidents are ongoing.

If you have questions or concern you can call the district’s administrative center at 314-994-7080.