Midwest reporter explains why you don’t need a big city to make dreams come true

ST. LOUIS, MO — Do you need to be on the coasts to make a “difference”? Jeff Houghton knows that isn’t true. He works at FOX 5 in Springfield, Missouri and produced this inspring video about working hard to make your dreams come true.

The YouTube description states, “You don’t need to be on a coast or in a big city to create something amazing. You can do it right where you are. We believe this fallacy that there are places for dreamers and it’s probably far away from where you are now.”

You may have heard of Houghton before. He is known for making nationally recognised videos for a late night talk show he hosts in Missouri called, “The Mystery Hour.” (Yes, a very funny, professionally produced, talk show from Missoura.) The show has produced viral videos like Instagram Husband, America’s Midwest Foreign Correspondent, and this Super Bowl sendup.

The poem – Make Something Where You Are:

“Maybe where you are is not who who you are
Maybe you can be somewhere in between, or in the middle, or somewhere unexpected, and pursue the thing you’re kinda afraid to say out loud.
Psst…that thing is called a dream and it’s okay to acknowledge it.

You can make something where you are.

We believe this fallacy that there are places for dreamers and they’re probably far away from where you are now.
So you need to go to there to meet who you’re supposed to be.
But maybe there is here and who you can be is already who you are. Maybe that part of you is just hiding and it’s not way over there
It’s just behind the drapes and if you look close you can see some cute little toes sticking out.

Maybe that fallacy is bull-

Shipbuilders, deep sea fisherman, sally, the seashell saleswoman need to be on a coast to pursue their dreams, but you don’t.
The idea that a phone call to UHaul is the permission you need to get started is wrong.
But maybe you don’t need permission
Maybe you have permission
Maybe I’m giving you permission
Yeah, I’m giving you permission
And I’m on the internet, so it’s worth something.

You can make something where you are.

Because maybe your distance from an ocean need not represent the distance between you and creating something amazing
Or maybe you’re on a coast
In a big city
In the vicinity
Full of timidity,
And you feel like you’re drowning in anonymity
This is for you too.

Maybe you don’t need to validate that deceitful, doubting voice that whispers that you’re nothing more than the sum of your insecurities.

That’s fu-
Ndamentally flawed thinking.
Because there’s no horizon line between where you end and the sky begins.
Yes it’s harder, and yes it makes less sense to be in a place where you dreams reach higher than the buildings in your eyeline. But the byline of your skyline says written by you.

You can make something where you are.

Start making it and suck at it.
Well, suck at it and think that you’re great at it but then look back and realize that you actually sucked at it
But enough time has passed that now you’re truly are great at it.

I’m in a mid-sized city in the Midwest, trying to make something happen that shouldn’t–a late night talk show.
I’m trying to make a real unicorn from a shetland pony and a paper towel roll, but why not give it a shot. Why not?

Listen, I’m not trying to be an as-

Tronaut, I just have a goal situated right outside of practicality where dreams belong.

So maybe you shouldn’t wait for perfection before you start.
Maybe you can do it while the kids are sleeping
You can jot notes while you’re boss isn’t looking
Talk to yourself in the car
Start kinda believing it
Say it out loud and listen to your friends tell you that you’re not crazy. Maybe you’ll find yourself carrying secret smiles behind closed doors Because you’re starting to realize you already have all the
And perseverance
And moxie
You need to make something that changes

Because maybe those maybes are yesses and maybe just maybe

You can make something where you are.”