The Thread: Creeping Out Creepyworld!

ST. LOUIS, MO — Tim and Virginia were supposed to meet their friends Edith and Virgil Getchusome at Creepyworld, but a mishap in the office locks up Team Thread, leaving Edith and Virgil alone at Creepyworld.  Or should we say, Creepyworld is left alone with Edith and Virgil. Who's afraid of who?

Speaking of fear, learn how Dazzling Dolls is helping young girls overcome the fear of not measuring up and how some Fearless Women are sharing wth other ladies how they are overcoming fear, worry, and anxiety.  Did I mention the Getchusomes are taking on one of St. Louis' largest haunts?  Will Creepyworld survive their visit?  Find out, Saturday at 8:30am on Fox 2.