SLU celebrating big birthday with public service project

ST. LOUIS - How do you show you care? Some say it's how much time you share. Saint Louis University is calling everyone to join their volunteer project.

"Everyone coming together when times are tough and just to work together to improve your community. I think it's cool that everyone is doing it as a team and show it that way with the clock and everything," said student Allison Noonan.

The clock celebrates SLU's 200th anniversary, but University President Fred Pestello said it's also a service challenge.

"We're trying to reach 1, 750,000 hours. One hour of service for every hour we have existed at SLU, so we're hoping that everyone in the community, all of our alumni, faculty, staff, and students, join in giving back," he said.

The clock starts on November 14 and volunteers can log their hours on an app that will launch that same day.

People seem to like the idea.

"Having a mobile app allows them to do them while they're at home, when they're available and they can do them any time. It's very convenient and that clock allows SLU students--not only SLU students, but the entire St. Louis community--to join in, which I thought was a very good idea," says student Mao Lin.

And if you're looking for ways to volunteer, the United Way's Volunteer Center can help with that.

"STLVolunteer is a great way to find those opportunities at a keystroke. you can search by zip code, you can search by your passion, whatever you're interested you'll find a way to make a different in our community through STLVolunteer," said Rick Skinner, the VP of the Volunteer Center at the United Way.

The service clock will run until November 16, 2018 which is SLU's 200th birthday. And if you want to volunteer with the United Way their website is STLVOLUNTEER.ORG and they're getting ready to launch their holiday service guide.