Thousands of bulbs planted in Forest park for next spring

FOREST PARK - Step outside and it may feel like winter, but that's not stopping volunteers at Forest Park from preparing for spring. Tuesday Forest Park Forever's Land Management Team started the task of planting more than 40,000 bulbs in anticipation of spring tulips. 13,000 tulip bulbs will be planted on Art Hill. St. Louisans can expect a yellow tulip that will turn an orange color as it matures, creating a mixture of yellow and orange and some in between throughout Art Hill come Spring.

A total of 45,000 bulbs will be planted throughout Forest park by a crew of about 20 people, mostly Forest Park Forever Land Management staff and some volunteers. The team plans to finish the entire project in about a week.

Forest Park Forever offers classes for those wanting to learn more. This season's classes will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Visit Forest Park Forever  for more information. If you'd like information on their volunteer program, check out this website.