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Chesterfield family shocked as deer comes crashing into living room

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Halloween morning was extra frightening for a Chesterfield family when a deer crashed through the window into the family room.

Most of the eight members of the Wagner family were getting ready to go to school when the deer incident occurred. Ben Wagner first saw the deer in front of their home.

“It hit our mailbox. The mailbox started rolling down the hill and then it just took off towards the house at a dead sprint and then I heard a crash,” he said.

Ben’s wife, Josie, picked up the story.

“I just heard this crash. I looked up and a deer was sailing through the air over our heads,” she said.

Josie was in the lower level of the split level home with her toddler son and two youngest daughters, eight-year-old Naomi and six-year-old Lydia, when the deer landed.

The animal ran into a bedroom. Family members closed the door to keep it trapped. They called 911 and let the experts handle it. Both Chesterfield police and animal control came to the rescue.

“The family did the absolute right; thing they didn’t confront the deer,” said Sgt. Keith Rider, Chesterfield Police Department.

It’s deer mating season, according to Dan Zarlenga, a spokesman with the Missouri Department of Conservation. The animals are not acting like they normally do, they can get aggressive if cornered.

“If you have to encounter an antlered deer that can be very, very dangerous,” Zarlenga said.