Residents and NGA official meet to discuss the projects impact on their neighborhood

ST. LOUIS – The head of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency said Wednesday there will be hundreds of new jobs when the new NGA facility opens in North St. Louis.  Robert Cardillo said, he’s impressed by St. louis workers and the community’s devotion to the future of science.  Cardillo said, “I’m more and more struck by St. louis’ strong and growing presence leading hub in technology and innovation.” Cardiilllo saluted Cortex, Launch Code and local universities among others for being a part of that hub.

He’s already hired 8 new people with many more jobs to come.  He said, “Way in advance of the campus we’re bringing in local talent.”  He said the day the doors open in 2024 the number of NGA jobs will grow from 3,150 now to 3,700 jobs then.

The Wednesday night meeting was part a chance for local residents and the NGA, which will be right in their backyards, to develop a good relationship. It was a chance for citizens to say what they hope the almost $2-billion-dollar facility will bring to their neighborhoods.  St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson said, “When you bring a big project into the middle of a community has an opportunity to know what’s going on.”  Pat Huntston is a neighbor to the new NGA project, “I’m hopeful that NGA will bring a positive change to our neighborhood.”

Cardillo said he wants to hear from residents, but there will be some limitations to their requests. He added, “NGA is a member of the intelligence community we provide national security service so I won’t kid you we will have to have a certain level of security it’s just required.”

He hopes the 99-acre campus will be welcoming and not look like a fortress. He said 3 design teams have been chosen to compete for the project, a selection will be made September of next year.