You Paid For It – St. Louis County Police Chief discusses policing on Metrolink

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar sat down with You Paid For It’s Elliott Davis to discuss the investigation of county police officers assigned to guard Metrolink.

The controversy revolves around whether some of the officers have been loafing on the job. Things came to a head over the summer when video surfaced of an officer covering a Metro security camera in their break room/workroom. The video showed other officers milling around.

Chief Belmar said he expects the investigation to be finished and released before Thanksgiving. He also revealed some officers were likely to be disciplined for violating police policy.

A source said the punishment would likely range from a reprimand to suspension. Despite the current controversy, Chief Belmar said his officers are doing a good job. He points to 700 arrests and the seizure of 49 firearms.

Belmar said officers performed 10,000 patrols.

The chief blamed Metro for some of the delays in the investigation. He said Metro did not send some of the requested information in a timely fashion, something Metro CEO Jon Nations denied. Nations said Metro cooperated with every request from Chief Belmar.

Nations said he's not happy with the level of security provided by county police, saying they could do better.

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