Trailnet to announce destinations for safe biking, walking trails

CLAYTON, Mo. _Trailnet is making a major announcement today about a new set of biking and walking trails that could help connect destinations around St. Louis. Trailnet is a group that advocates for better walking and biking in the St. Louis region.

Today`s announcement is going to reveal the destinations for St. Louis` first on-street protected walking and biking trails. The trails will be elevated sidewalks that are protected from vehicles.

A Trailnet spokesperson says 25 destinations are being announced today. The entire project covers 12 miles.

The goal is to have the trails connect neighborhoods with other neighborhoods and with central corridors in the St. Louis area.

The main focus is connecting north and south St. Louis.

The entire 12 mile project isn`t expected to be complete until 2030 but Trailnet hopes to have the first one to three miles completed by the end of next year. The total cost for the entire project is about $88 million.

Trailnet says funding is still being worked out but it could come from several sources including private donations, grants and the possibility of using some public money as well.