Warm temperatures return to St. Louis in time for the weekend

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ST. LOUIS, MO - Just one week ago, we were warning you to dig out the gloves and hats and to bring the plants inside. This weekend? You may be looking for shorts once again. And that means outdoor hot spots, like Forest Park will be busy one again.

Autumn is the “cooling off" season between Summer and Winter. In St. Louis, average daily high temperatures drop from 75°F to 63°F over the course October, and down to around 50° by the end of November.

Back on October 21, our high was 81°. By October 28, we topped out at just 41°, a forty-degree difference in just one week. Overnight, we dropped to 30° on the mornings of both October 29 and 31.

But that doesn’t mean a chill is permanently in the air. Back on October 21, our high was 81°.  This week, the high on Thursday was back to 79°. This weekend, highs will be near 70° on Saturday and 80° on Sunday.  Our recent dip in temperatures is a reminder of what’s to come, so many families will be enjoying time outdoors while they still can. So expect to see many working on outdoor home projects and large crowds at popular parks and attractions.

The record high both Saturday and Sunday is 82°.  There is a slight chance of showers on Saturday. Gusty winds and thunderstorms are expected Sunday.

These temperatures swings can seem extreme, but they happen every year. Just last year, we set a new record high temperature on November 2 when we hit 85°.