Sunday’s storm causes headaches for travelers at Lambert Airport

ST. LOUIS – =Sunday's weather slammed the St. Louis Metro Area, Midwest and moved eastward across the U.S.  The storms packed strong wind gust and large hail ranging from a quarter to tennis ball size hail.

The sound of thunderstorms quickly turned into the thud of hail.

One Fox 2 viewer`s video shows just how fast and strong the hail came down.

Thankfully, no major damage has been reported in our area, however it has led to some flight delays at Lmbert.

The weather impacted arriving and departing flights at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.

If you have plans to travel to the east coast, you may want to check with your airline because there are quite a few delays tonight.

As the storm moves east, many flights traveling to and from cities in New York and New Jersey are cancelled; leaving some travelers waiting around until their flight number is called later tonight or Monday.

On the upside, some travelers Fox 2 spoke with flying into Lambert are just glad they missed the weather from earlier today.

For travelers on Southwest flights, the company released this statment:

There were aircraft on the ground at St. Louis International Airport when a storm came through the area. The aircraft are undergoing inspections following the storm and are returning to service after completing a thorough evaluation and being cleared. Our Employees are working to reaccommodate any Customers impacted and we apologize for any inconvenience.