Accidents on Lindbergh, have some residents living in fear

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – Residents are concerned about a stretch of Lindbergh Blvd. in North County near the Behlmann Farms neighborhood.

Arnetta Martin said more accidents have happened along that area of Lindbergh in the past three or four months than in the last 11 years she has lived there.

Around 11 pm Saturday night Martin was sitting at home when she heard a crash. A minivan, that police told her was stolen, had veered off of the road and ran into her porch. Martin said the driver ran off but the damage had been done.

Now Martin’s daughter is worried that the accidents are going to keep happening if something doesn’t change.

“My mom is in her early 70’s, she still drives and she talks to me all the time about being concerned about getting in and out of her subdivision that she lives in,” said Robin Barnes.

Martin and Robins think a stoplight should be installed at the intersection. Lindbergh is a state highway so that is something that would have to be handled on the state level.