Sentencing set in killing of Illinois woman after robbery

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DECATUR, Ill. (AP) _ A sentencing date is set for a 25-year-old northern Illinois man for his role in a 2015 armed robbery at a gas station and the killing of a 19-year-old woman he feared might talk to police.

A federal judge said at recent hearing that he’d sentence Matthew J. Higgins-Vogt on March 5. The Decatur man faces a maximum life prison sentence after pleading guilty to multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit armed robbery.

Prosecutors say Paige Mars drove Higgins-Vogt and his co-defendant, Kelton Snyder, to the Decatur convenience store on April 3, 2015, waited while they robbed it and then drove them out of the area. They say Higgins-Vogt shot her days later in a wooded area.

Jurors convicted Snyder last year. He’s been sentenced to life in prison.