Suicide investigation leads to victim’s daughter being charged with murder

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ST. CHARLES, MO - Family members told police their loved one died as the result of a suicide. When DNA results were returned the case quickly turned into a murder investigation. Dawn Marie Prezioso was not in jail very long. She was arrested Friday and quickly posted bond. The woman who is in her late 30’s is charged with second degree murder, armed criminal action and endangering the life of a child.

Prezioso’s neighbor, Judy Povis, said, “I’m just more shocked every time I hear it’s changing you know the story.”

It happened September 21 in a home on Jacobs Station Road. Police said Dawn Marie Prezioso told them her father, 58-year-old Edward Thomas Duncan had been coming on to her and wanted sex. She said she woke up in her bed and he was rubbing her leg. She went upstairs to tell her mother. Duncan was confronted. Dawn and her mother told police Duncan grabbed a gun and shot himself.  Steve Povis has known Edward Duncan for years, suicide just did not add up in his mind.  Povis said, “I was shocked I didn’t think it could ever happen not with him he just seemed too normal, never down, a good guy you know.”

Police converged on the home the night of the shooting, Steve Povis said he heard dawn yelling in the darkness.  Povis said, “Dawn was screaming I’m sorry mommy, I’m sorry mom at least 8 ten times.”

Forensic results from the evidence lab started returning. Court documents said a DNA analysis of the pistol apparently found that of the five areas swabbed four of them allegedly had Dawn’s DNA.

Gunshot residue was also allegedly discovered on Dawn’s hands even though police said she told them she did not shoot guns or handle any of Duncan’s guns.  Judy Povis added, “Once people are in their house you have no clue what they’re doing so I guess anything can surprise you anymore. “

Neighbor say Dawn’s 7-year-old child also lives in the home which could account for the charge of endangering a child.