Blues to reveal home for future practices

MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. - The St. Louis Blues are expected to reveal where they would like to hold future practices in Maryland Heights on Monday night.

The Maryland Heights City Council called a special meeting for Monday night after the Blues and the St. Louis Ice Legacy Foundation tabled a plan to build a 40-acre, four-rink complex in Creve Coeur.

The plan to build the facility in the park ran into opposition from thousands of people in the St. Louis area. In late August, the National Park Service ordered the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to halt construction of the rinks.

The park service had to approve the plan for construction to proceed.

The Blues and the ice legacy foundation, who originally wanted this project done by next fall, will pitch a new site and talk about the tax incentives they are seeking for the project.

The leader of the organized opposition to building the rink in the park was pleased the developers changed course.

"We weren't opposed to this project at all, the recreation opponents are really great a and we think that it could have a lot of benefits for local economics and the community as a whole," said Kat Dockery, Executive Director of The St. Louis Open Land Council. "We just really believe that this land was set aside for outdoor recreation and conservation. That's what it was promised to be for the public and that's what we wanted it to be."

Fox 2 News reached out to Maryland Heights city officials and the ice legacy foundation, but they said they would wait to comment until release of the proposal at the meeting.

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger has said he supports a decision to build an alternate site. Stenger's spokesman told Fox 2 the county government will not get involved until it is time to discuss incentives the county may offer.