Loop Trolley opening delayed until 2018

UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. _It will now be next year before the loop trolley could finally be up and running. The details about this latest timeline are appearing in our partner the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The Post reports that Joe Edwards, the driving force behind the $51 million loop trolley project, now hopes to have the trolley open by mid-January or mid-February of next year. Edwards tells the Post that the actual start date will depend on how quickly the ongoing testing proceeds and when state and federal officials give the green light to begin operations.

In any case, Edwards says the trolley won`t be rolling before the end of this year.

There have been several delays in getting the loop trolley up and running. The Post reports that after a key grant for the project was approved back in 2012, local officials originally expected the trolley to open in mid-2014. That was pushed back to the end of last year; then to various times this year because of different issues.

The 2.2 mile trolley route runs between the western end of the Delmar loop and the history museum in Forest Park. Supporters of the trolley say it will bring many benefits to the route area including more development.

But opponents question whether the project is really worth the money being spent on it.