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St. Charles considers expansion of convention center

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ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The City of St. Charles has been in discussions for about six months over the possibility of expanding its convention center. Now council members are trying to decide if spending the money makes sense.

According to city officials, the idea of expanding the already standing St. Charles Convention Center along Interstate 70 comes after realizing they have maximized the space. The city recently hired a research firm to determine if spending the $65 million it would take to do the updates makes sense.

City Administrator Larry Dobrosky said council members will get their first look at a possible plan on Tuesday night.

“Tourism is a big component for the city, so by expanding the convention center it brings in more guest and tourism and allows our local businesses to have more customers,” he said. “We’ve hired an independent consultant, who will evaluate the needs of the community and customers, and look at how big – how we should expand – and if we did, would it be self-supporting? And we’re at the initial stages of evaluating that.”

If all goes well, the project could be completed in three to four years. A new hotel at the site would also be part of the plan. The next regular city council meeting is scheduled for November 21.