From Magic Chef to stone castle, this property could be yours

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IMPERIAL, MO - To some it`s a magic mansion in Imperial Missouri, for others, it`s the castle of Montebello.

'I mean it`s this beautiful country estate for the Strockstrom family,' says Ted Wight, Realtor.

Called the Castle of Montebello, the fortress of luxury sits on 60 acres in Imperial, Missouri overlooking the Meramec and the Mississippi rivers.

In the mid 1800`s to mid-1900`s, the Stockstrom family made the Magic Chef Stove and oven brand famous, and in 1936 this country home was built.

'It`s all concrete and metal in design,' says Wight.  'There`s a little bit of wood trim in the bar area.  But the interior doors are all medal to make sure it`s 100% fireproof.'

Ahead of its time in design, and well preserved through time, the castle could be yours for a few million dollars.

'Patrick, this is the lower level all mined stone with a barrel-vaulted ceiling and you`re going to love the wine cellar with 1,000 bottles,' says Wight.  'This is the bar room that has this door that comes down to close off the bar area.'

Everywhere you look in the 5,700 square feet of space in the modern home is attention to detail.

'This is something that just the quality of craftsmanship was hard to imagine building this thing in the 30`s,' says Wight.

From limestone fireplaces, to timber beamed ceilings, to the terrazzo flooring, no expense was spared when first constructed, and easy to see why some consider the castle magical.