Dave Murray’s weather disco…Friday…November 17, 2017

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Dave Murray’s weather disco…Friday…November 17, 2017
my winter forecast for STL..re-airs Friday evening at 5:30pm on Fox 2 and then will be posted here at 6pm on Friday
The next weather system in play over the next 24 to 36 hours…clouds and moisture rising from the south as a cold front works in from the Plains…Friday will be cloudy with spotty drizzle and spotty showers…temps rising well into the 50’s…an uptick with rain and some non-severe storms Friday night into Saturday morning…think midnight to noon…warmest on saturday in the morning…50’s then northwest winds kick in…dropping temps well into the 40’s during the afternoon…maybe even a few wind blown snow flurries around. Winds will be a factor Friday into late Saturday afternoon…a big time leaf drop coming up…then just quiet and cold Saturday night and Sunday…40 to 45 on Sunday. The peak at Thanksgiving Day…sunshine, dry and in the 40’s