Wounded officer receives Medal of Valor, meets officer who saved his life

ST. LOUIS – An incredible moment as several police officers in our area were honored with the Medal of Valor Thursday afternoon.

Among all the heroic stories was a very special moment. For the first time, one of the recipients met a fellow officer he credits for saving his life.

According to police, on November 20, 2016, Sergeant Tom Lake attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle but the suspect sped away. Later that day, the same vehicle pulled up alongside of Lake and opened fire, hitting him several times in the face. Despite his injuries, Lake was able to give other officers the suspect and vehicle description.

On Thursday, Lake was awarded the Medal of Valor for his bravery.

While Lake was fighting for his life in the hospital, other officers were trying to track down the gunman. Two officers located the suspect and gave chase on foot while others tried to cut him off with their car. He opened fire on the police car and in the exchange, police shot and killed the suspect.

Thursday was the first time Lake met one of the officers responsible for shooting the person who shot him.

There were a lot of other officers who did amazing things and received awards. Including Detective Sgt. Curtis Burgdorf, son of former Detective Kevin Burgdorf, who received a Medal of Valor in 1984. This was the first time ever that a father and son have both received the award.