Historic Amtrak station in Alton to be torn down

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ALTON, IL - Next week a wrecking ball will tear down the historic 89-year-old Alton Amtrak Station.

Some residents wanted to save the historic structure. However, now the station will be a reminder of history and many say it's going to be sad to see the building torn down.

The City of Alton gained a new station for high speed trains at the Alton Regional Multi-Transportation Center that opened this Summer.

However, residents say it was trade-off, the Historic Amtrak station on College Avenue will now have to be demolished.  ”It’s kind of a sad day. It’s a historic Amtrak Station,” said John Malson.

On Saturday Malson captured one last picture of the historic building before the wrecking crew tears it down.

We are told the owner does not want building to be used at the current site because of proximity to the railroad tracks.

Residents say there was a push to try and save the station but that fell through.  “It's a historic building, a lot of historic sites. I guess people could not come up with the funds,” said Malson.

A large piece of equipment sits outside where the work is scheduled to begin next week.  Residents will now reflect on the prominent figures that traveled the line.  “President Abe Lincoln when he had the great debate would travel on trains on whistle-stop tours across the country “ said Malson.

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