Adult shop opens in Cahokia, concerning chamber of commerce and parents

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CAHOKIA, Ill. – Some parents, business owners, and city officials in Cahokia, Illinois are concerned over an adult entertainment shop popping up on the main drag, just across the street from a church, public library, and playground.

Doctor Johns Lingerie and Novelty Boutique already has a sign posted, and merchandise stocked and ready to sell in the building that was previously home to a Dairy Queen.

The Cahokia Chamber of Commerce said it wasn't aware of the shop.

"It's not something we would want in town," said Cahokia Chamber of Commerce Vice President Tom Smugala. He said he'd be looking into it.

Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall could not be reached for comment, but a woman who works in his office said Doctor John's has not been approved to open and it has not applied for a business license.

However, once it does, the village board would need to approve or deny the license after a public hearing. The next board meeting is scheduled for December 13 at 5:30 p.m. No word on if Doctor John's will be discussed at that meeting as the agenda schedule is not released until the week of the meeting.