Citizens for Modern Transit create free safety app for commuters

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Feeling safe is important to everyone, no matter where you are. The Citizens for Modern Transit have launched a new app to help you feel safe, no matter where you go.

Executive Director Kimberly Cell tells us all about Safe Trek.

The app enables individuals who feel unsafe to notify law enforcement officials without having to call 911 or knowing their precise locations, which can prove tricky when traveling on a bus or train.

If an individual is scared, he or she just opens the SafeTrek app and holds his or her thumb on the 'hold until safe' button. Once safe, the button can be released, and the individual will be prompted to enter his or her four-digit pin.

But, if an individual`s instincts turn into a real emergency, the user simply releases the button and refrains from entering a pin. A series of texts is then sent to assess the situation, and if the user doesn't respond within 60 seconds, SafeTrek sends help to their exact location.

To learn more visit: or Twitter @cmt_stl

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