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From law enforcer to entertainer, Eureka officer reflects on viral “cheer” at football game

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EUREKA, Mo. – The high school football season is over, but much of the St. Louis area still remembers the young man who became an overnight sensation.

He’s not a star athlete. But he does wear a uniform and, in a unique way, found a way to win over the crowd at a game.

Eureka Police Department’s Officer Brett Grittini led a cheer at a home game at Eureka High School. Grittini serves as a student resource officer at Eureka High School. The night of the game, his role expanded to chief entertainer, leading a cheer known as “The Roller Coaster.”

“I don’t know exactly what it is,” he said. “I kind of made it up on the spot. It was just a couple of leans with the turns. And then a hands-up, as if you’re going down the hills.”

The video of Grittini leading the cheer went viral and he unintentionally earned rock star status.

The cheer also allowed the community to see how the man who walks the blue line can cheer from the sidelines.

“I think that’s really what the job of the SRO is. Is to bridge that gap. That relationship,” Grittini said. “Growing up, some kids don’t like cops. Or people officers. And it’s my job to make them see the other side. If I can change any of them, or a few of them of the 1,800 students that we have here, then I feel like I’ve done my part.”

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