Trump supporters and protesters meet in St. Charles

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ST. LOUIS, MO — Outside the St. Charles Convention Center there were chants and protests. They are still underway, even after President Trump has left.

Things became less rowdy once police officers arrived in a tactical-like gear. Those officers kept protesters on one side of the street and supporters on the other. Once you pick a side there was no crossing back over the street.

Earlier Wednesday we saw a scuffle between protesters and supporters. Things really heated up when one protester began stomping on the US flag, trying to damage it.

FOX 2 reporters saw at least one arrest. A woman who was protesting the president's visit refused to move from the sidewalk and was handcuffed. We spoke to a friend who was with her when it happened. He said police told her multiple times that she needed to move or she would be arrested but she refused.

"I know I said my tax dollars pay for the sidewalk I can stand on the sidewalk as long as it does not belong to personal property. They came along and they had a squad car come up they took her from the sidewalk and arrested her put her handcuffs on her with her hands behind her back," said Rudy walz.

"I am here to support our president to show him that Missouri supports him," said Kathie Stussie.

Besides that one arrest that happened before the president's arrival, protesters and supporters obeyed police orders. They continued chanting and having their messages heard throughout the rest of the afternoon.

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