Florissant woman badly burned by cellphone case

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FLORISSANT, Mo. – A Florissant woman said she was seriously injured by her cellphone case. The federal government has recalled thousands of iPhone cases.

Starr Traylor, 30, went to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment. She said she was burned by her cellphone case. Not just any cellphone; the ones with liquid on the back.

“When I woke up is when I grabbed my leg and my skin came off in my hand,” Starr said.

Traylor is a paraplegic and wheelchair bound. She said when she’s out and about, she keeps her cell phone under her leg. She thought it began to leak.

“I thought it was water. I mean, why would you put some type of chemical in a phone case that can burn some skin off? … What if it leaked on my face, you know?”

Because Traylor has no feeling below her waist, she didn’t know it was leaking a burning chemical.

“It’s sad, it’s frustrating, and yes, I’m very mad about the situation,” said Shelly Traylor, Starr’s mother.

The next morning, she woke up and found an ugly burn.

“When I saw the burn so big on my leg it was just my first thought I have to go to the hospital,” Starr said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a web page with photos of many of the cases involved in the recall. The recall started in August, people can get their money back. Starr thinks someone should take care of her medical costs too.

“I feel like whoever is making them need to be responsible for the pain and suffering they’re causing people,” Starr said.