Parent drives vehicle into Bel-Nor Elementary School

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - An estranged parent drove their car into a school in the Normandy School District just as students were getting ready to be dismissed for the day.

The incident happened around 3 p.m. at Normandy Kindergarten Center, located in the 3100 block of Nordic Drive in Bel-Nor. No kids were injured in the crash.

No kids were injured in the crash.

According to Sharifah Sims-Williams, director of communications for the Normandy Schools Collaborative, the driver of the SUV was the mother of a student.

Sims-Williams said the mother came to the school wanting to see her child, but school officials would not let her inside. She said school officials have had previous encounters with the mother and, due to custody reasons, could not allow her in the building.

Sims-Williams said the child was not even at school that day.