Residents recall shooting suspect as ‘quiet and private’ neighbor

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WINFIELD, Mo. - Neighbors in the Winfield community say the man charged with shooting a Francis Howell High School history teacher was quiet and always kept to himself.

The Saddleback Ridge subdivision is the last known address for 35-year-old Joshua Curtis. The 35-year-old lived there up until last year. Residents say Curtis didn’t live alone, but never saw any kids. He rarely came outside; and when he did he didn’t interact with anyone.

The family-oriented and friendly community can’t believe the man charged with randomly shooting a Francis Howell High School teacher Wednesday used to live so close.

“Obviously, this makes me very nervous, especially having two kids and you’re freaked out, especially when the bus stop here is only half a mile down the street,” said Dawn Amos, Winfield resident.

Curtis’ former neighbors say someone else now owns the home.

“I saw him once or twice, but he never really seemed to be that neighborly, so we never exchanged any pleasantries or phone numbers,” said neighbor Ken Suitter. “He pretty much kept to himself.”

Police spotted two tents in the woods near the Hamburg hiking trail where the 36-year-old history teacher was shot. Investigators believe Curtis had been living in the woods there for at least two months.

“You never can tell about your neighbors, no matter where you are,” . “It’s a big mystery. You just hope that you live in a safe area.”

Curtis is being held on $500,000 bail and does not have an attorney.