Bomb scare after unusual package found in pastor’s car

ST. LOUIS, MO - The Bomb Squad was called into a west St. Louis neighborhood after a package is placed in a pastor's car.

Neighbors tell FOX 2 the pastor and his wife walked out to their car parked on Enright near Newstead around 3pm Saturday.  The couple called police after finding a box had been placed on floorboards on the driver's side.

Police were able to determine the box didn't contain an explosive.

"I was mesmerized when I heard about it. The bomb truck on my street, and they say it was in a passenger's car for a suspicious package. So, I didn't know if it was another threat on the church," said neighbor Spencer Howard.

Officers have not said what was in the box. Witnesses say the contents were dumped into a large bag and taken away. Some say they heard it was a snake. That information has not been confirmed.