Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, ‘I’m not in charge’

SPRINGFIELD, IL - A stunning statement from Governor Bruce Rauner.  The state's chief executive said, "he's not in charge." -- house speaker Mike Madigan is.

"I wish I had, we would have our problems fixed. Illinois would have a great future. We would have 200,000 more jobs in this state, we would have lower property taxes in this state, we would have term limits in this state if I were in charge. I'm not in charge, I'm trying to get to be in charge," said Gov. Bruce Rauner.

The governor promised to dislodge Madigan's grip on Springfield when he first ran for election. Now, three years later, Rauner is using the same strategy to blame the state's problems on the powerful house speaker.

The governor says Madigan rigs the democratic primary while making millions in private practice appealing property taxes.