Proposal to bring trash transfer station to St. Charles still under review

ST. CHARLES, MO - A proposal to bring a trash transfer station to St. Charles County will continue to be reviewed by elected officials. More than a dozen residents expressed opposition to the plan during the St. Charles County Council meeting Monday night.

Officials with the company proposing the plan said the station would not be a landfill. The station would be a place where trash would be transferred from smaller trucks to larger trucks hauling the waste to landfills.

“This is a facility that by law has to transfer everything within 24 hours,” said Steve Martin, an attorney representing the company behind the plan. “So from the time it leave someone’s trash can in their kitchen, and if it’s put out on the truck that day, the next day it will be out of there.”

Residents worry a transfer station will bring bad smells, lower property values and could stymie development in the area. The St. Charles County Planning and Zoning Committee has already made a recommendation against the plan.

“It would be black eye on the city in an up and coming area here in St. Charles County,” said county resident Luke Persell. “It’s important for us to come together and voice our concerns together and let them know it’s not something we want.”

A representative of the nearby Family Arena also spoke against the proposal expressing concerns that odors could make their way into the facility.

The plan also require approval from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The St. Charles County Council will hold an administrative hearing to gather more information about the proposal before it takes up the issue during a public meeting again.