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Seven Franklin County churches recently burglarized

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, MO — Seven churches in Franklin County are burglarized.  The  sheriff's office is trying to track down who's responsible. Sheriff Pelton says thieves have broken into these churches through windows and doors and taken everything from electronics to cash.

Pastor Fern Nye of Canaan land ministry has already forgiven.
She says the suspects broke into the church shed, made a mess and left with some items. This comes just months after someone stole the church's air conditioning units.

"We send a lot of food boxes out here, sometimes three or four a week to people. It could have been some of those very people that broke in. But, that's okay we still love them and just forgive them," said Pastor Fern Nye.

Six other area churches were hit over the past two weeks:

On November 21st a church van was stolen from a Pacific, Missouri church. On the 25th several instruments were stolen from St. Clair Christian Church. The next day electronics and expensive items were reported stolen from the Franklin County Baptist Association. On the first of December, money and checks were taken from another church near St. Clair. Two days later, a break in at the First Baptist Church of Gray Summit.

The most recent break in, on December 4th.  It happened at Virginia Mines Baptist Church.

"It's bad enough to steal from a common person, but to steal from a house of god, that's pretty low," said Franklin County Sheriff Steve Pelton.

Pastor Fern Nye hopes the thieves know this, "A lot of these people just need to know that Jesus does love them."

The sheriff says there were a few more break-ins nearby in the city of St. Clair. If you have information call the Franklin County Sheriff's office. Remember, you don't have to give your name to turn someone in.