Arnold Police say ‘Thank You’ in message to Facebook fans

ST. LOUIS, MO — Arnold Missouri Police Department shared this message of thanks with their Facebook fans.  The message is going viral with over a thousand likes and hundreds of shares.

A police officer was shot in the neck by a suspect Tuesday.  The burglary suspect in handcuffs and under arrest when he produced a gun and shot officer Ryan O’Connor.

O’Connor is undergoing surgery for his life threatening injuries and is in critical condition.

The suspect, Chad Klahs, has died from a gunshot wound.  Police believe he may have shot himself too.

“Thank you. That is simply all we have the strength to say right now. Against all odds our officer has fought through the horrific incidents that occurred earlier today and remains in stable condition. Please continue to hold him, his family, and the men and women of this department in your thoughts and prayers. We will do our best to provide updates on his status, but he will undoubtedly face a long and challenging path ahead of him. Again, thank you for the concern, the support, and the kindness that has been extended to our department.”