Arnold residents react to news of officer shooting

ST. LOUIS, MO — Arnold residents promise to rally behind their police department, wounded officer Ryan O’Connor and his family. When residents first heard the news that Officer O’Connor was shot and faced life-threatening injuries their hearts sank.

“It’s a bad day,” said Arnold resident Terry Kraft.

Arnold Police Chief Robert Shockey asked for prayers and the Arnold community responded.

“Hopes and prayers definitely go out to him and his family and I hope for the best,” said Kraft.

“I hope all of Arnold does the same thing, gets together and helps the family any way and have a fundraiser and whatever they can do to help him and his family,” said Arnold resident Kim Eberhardt.

Nancy Butler helps run the Encore Thrift Store in Arnold. She has a sign in the shop window reading, “Thank You Officers.”

“It’s a very, very hard job and they need all the support they can get,” she said.