Neighbor describes encounter with Arnold police shooting suspect

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ARNOLD, MO — Officer Ryan O'Conner was shot in the head and rushed St. Anthony's Hospital Tuesday where he is undergoing surgery.

Officers took Chad Klahs, 28, into custody after a burglary at a house in Arnold.  Police say he shot officer Ryan O'Conner in the neck while he was being taken to the police station.

Klahs is a burglary suspect.  Police were called to the 1800 block of Fox Point at around 1pm Tuesday to search for him.

Matt Faller says he confronted the suspect before police caught up with him.

"Me and my wife just got back from the grocery store.  I was setting up my smoker out back to barbecue some meat and she said some strange gentleman was on our back porch.  I want out there, had a little conflict with the guy, and told him to get off my back porch.  He ran into my neighbor's yard and I told him to get off of my neighbor's property and go to the main road.  He ran into the woods and I called Arnold police.  They were here in about 15 seconds," said Matt Faller.

Elliott Davis asks, "What did he say?"

"He said that he just got out of jail.  I said, 'I don't care where you have been.  I need you out of my back yard,'" said Matt Faller.

Police found Klahs at a business a short time later. Police say he may have died from a self inflicted gunshot wound after shooting the Arnold officer.  That officer is in critical condition at St. Anthony's hospital.

Klahs was sentenced to 8 years in the Missouri department of corrections. Most recently for making controlled substances and for having meth paraphernalia. He was booked in may of this year. Klahs has previously served time for 3 counts of burglary.