Police searching for 2nd suspect after Maryland Heights chase

ST. LOUIS, MO — A Tuesday morning Maryland Heights police chase involving a stolen car ends with one suspect in custody, and another still on the loose.

The chase started at around 7:40am near the intersection of Lackland and Schuetz. A Maryland Heights police officer noticed something strange about a temporary tag on a silver Hyundai. He tried to pull the car over but it sped away and a chase was on.

"During the chase there was contact by the suspect's car with our car. The chase ended in the 8500 block of Page, where there was a short foot pursuit and one person was taken into custody," saidMaryland Heights Police Capt. Scott Will.

The chase ended on Page and Crystal in Vinita Park when the suspects car crashed with another one. The car was stolen from St. Peters but Maryland Heights police did not know it at the time of trying to make a traffic stop.

"That's the problem with traffic stops, you don't know if you're stopping a soccer mom or something like this," said Capt. Scott Will.

There was a search for the second suspect including K-9s but he has not been found yet.

"I saw a guy in white car pull up. It looked like he had been in a wreck. He ran for the woods that's all I know," said witness Alex Gray.

Police say anyone with a printer can make a fake car tag. However, there are ways for officers to figure out valid tags and fake ones.

"We're seeing the violence rise. For example carjackings and things like that are not just in Maryland Heights but all across the area.

Despite the high speed chase, nobody was hurt. Captain Will says that more people are stealing cars and either putting a stolen plate on the car or adding a counterfeit temporary tag . That is what happened in Tuesday's incident