Woman charged for ramming Webster Groves street worker

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO - A woman is accused of ramming into a highway flag man in Webster Groves. Police say she did it on purpose.

The worker is not seriously hurt.  But, he was off the job site Tuesday after witnesses say a driver just seemed to snap Monday morning.

Drivers admit it's been a testy work zone.  The water main repair on Edgar road near Jackson can back up cars more than a dozen deep. There are waits of  five minutes or more to get through.

Police say that was too much for Kelly Bienvenue, 54, of Affton. She's charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly ramming a flag-man

The worker was directing traffic with drivers taking turns going through the zone. Jodie Allen was taking her kids to school.

"He told her to stop, to back up. She sort of jolted forward a little bit, like testing him sort of. He kind of banged on her hood and said, 'hey, you have to stop`. She just plowed right into him. My kids screamed," said Jodie Allen. "He fell back and landed on his hip really hard. His hardhat fell off. She swerved around him and then up Edgar Road."

Police say Bienvenue was trying to leave but the injured man's co-workers stopped her.  They used cones to help block her in.

"It was really shocking. It took me a second to register that she just actually knocked a person over with her car. You just don`t expect to see that ever. It's not how you expect your Monday morning, your week to start," said Jodie Allen.

Workers say Bienvenue was irate with police as well. She faces up to a year in jail and $2,000 fine if convicted.