A 10-Year-Old Named ‘Hero’ After Calling 911 To Help Save Neighbor

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FORT SMITH, AR (KFSM) -- Ten-year-old Pheonix Bomar has been recognized by the Fort Smith Police Department and city leaders after he dialed 9-1-1, and potentially saved his neighbor's life.

"I was just walking home from school and then I heard someone yelling and it was Mr. John -- my neighbor," Bomar said.

Bomar found his elderly neighbor in the driveway after a fall.

"I went over there and he said can you dial 9-1-1," Pheonix said. "So, I had to run home, unlock the door and grab my phone. I ran back over and dialed 9-1-1. If I didn't hear him, he may have slid down the hill... maybe into the street."

Bomar told dispatchers his address and, and also told them that Mr. John was hurt on the back of his head. He said he learned how to be quick on his feet from his mom.

"She said if there's anything bad or anyone is trying to hurt you, call 911," Pheonix said.

The 10-year-old stayed with his neighbor and talked to a dispatcher until help arrived.

"I heard sirens, so I ran down the hill and waved my arms," he explained.

For his bravery, he was named 'Chief For The Day' by the Fort Smith Police Department and presented the department's Life Saving Award at a board of directors meeting.

"Some people dial 9-1-1 and they feel like they save someone's life," Bomar added. "That's how I feel."

His mother Havilah Bomar said, "When they told me what he did, I was just really proud. You tell them over and over things, and you never know if they really listen. I've always said if you need help, you go around and see if there's anyone close by and if there's not, you call 911. Even if it ends up not being very serious, they can still come help and be there for you."

Bomar also said he enjoyed his trip to the Police Department and some of the officer even referred to him as "Chief."

He said he wants to be either a detective or a monster truck driver when he grows up.

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