This funny Missouri reporter has Midwesterners answer ridiculous questions from the coasts

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ST. LOUIS, MO — America’s Midwestern “foreign correspondent” is taking questions from viewers on the coasts. He is “embedded” in the area to explain the region to the rest of the country.

Many people don’t really understand what happens in the middle of the nation. FOX 5’s Jeff Houghton got some wild questions from the east and west coasts. The people in the nation’s heartland set the record straight with some humor.

Watch the video to see all of the jokes. A lot of them are visual. Just hit play to see some of the reactions the people in “fly-over” country have to the odd queries from coastal elites.

This is a sampling of some of the questions:

Paul in Maine asks, “What is it like to be not as smart as the rest of us?”

“I beg to differ with him,” a woman answers.

Kenny in San Francisco asks, “When will the internet get there?”

“I have the internet; wifi,” another woman replies.

Samantha in New Jersey asks, “How much meth do you have on you right now?”

An older gentleman replies, “Ha ha, none.”

Jane in Baltimore asks, “What is the process for churning butter?”

“There are three different ones. You could put it in a crank churn, put it in a pump one, or in a jar and shake it out,” a bearded man replies.

“You actually know the answer?” said America’s Midwestern “foreign correspondent” Jeff Houghton.

“I have churned many a pound of butter,” said the man with the beard.

Want to know more about this reporter? He works at a FOX affiliate in Springfield Missouri and hosts a local late night show called, “Mystery Hour.” You should definitely catch a clip of Missouri’s Tonight Show.


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