Cardinals selling old Busch Stadium seats for the holidays

No if’s, and’s, or butts about it; Busch Stadium has seen a lot of seats since opening in 2006. Be it baseball, Billy Joel, or former Beatle Paul McCartney; oh, there were plenty of bottoms of the ninth over the years.

But now, the St. Louis Cardinals are selling approximately 300 pairs of old seats this holiday season.

“There are only 50 of the premium pairs and only 250 of the standard, so it’s a very limited number,” said Vicki Bryant, vice president of event services and merchandising for the St. Louis Cardinals.

The asking price for a pair of Busch Stadium red chairs, including three cup holders, is $500.

“These seats have so much history,” Bryant said. “We had two World Series championships, a National League Championship, a World Cup qualifier, an All-Star Game, and a Winter Classic.”

Some lucky Cards fans will be able to set their fanny where they sat their fanny over the last 12 seasons.