Shake Shack restaurant founder and St. Louis native preps for hometown opening Monday

ST. LOUIS, MO-  Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer was back in his hometown of St. Louis Saturday.  Meyer is about to fulfil a dream of opening a Shake Shack in St. Louis.  The corner of West Pine and Euclid is expected to be packed when the store opens Monday at 10:30a.m.

“I’m getting chills thinking about it,” said Meyer.  He said the store location is a block from where he grew up.

Meyer said each Shake Shack uses what’s called an 80-20 rule.  80% is what you will find at other Shake Shacks but 20% is tailored to the city where it’s located.

The St. Louis Location will include a double burger covered in Provel cheese. “And something we call kitchen sink sauce based on some my favorite recollections from going to the Fitz’s root beer stand on Brentwood when it was a little orange drive-in place,” Meyer said.

Shake Shack started as a hot dog stand in a New York Park as a way to try and increase park activity.  It’s grown into one of the most successful restaurant ventures in the world.

Meyer suggested fans of the Shake Shack download the restaurant’s app.  He said by ordering through the app you can indicate when you want to pick up your food so you can skip any long lines.