Reedy Press Reboot event to help local publisher recover from massive fire

ST. LOUIS, MO - A group of local authors is calling it the Reedy Press Reboot.  An event at Blueberry Hill Monday, December 11, from 6:00-9:00pm will bring together authors who lost inventory in a massive warehouse fire in November.  Reedy Press lost an estimated 200,000 books in that fire.

“Right before the holiday season is the worst possible time not to have inventory to sell,” explained local author Amanda Doyle.

She said several authors had to cancel book signing events and have lost holiday gift sales because of the books lost in the fire.  Many of the books highlight St. Louis attractions.

“Bookstores, of course, have also felt the pinch because these are great sellers for a lot of local bookstores.”

She’s hoping for a big turnout Monday and said local authors will share stories about their books during the event.

“It’s $20.00.  We’re going to have a spread of food, a cash bar, people telling stories and a chance to get books,” said Doyle.

She said even if a book is not available, guests can order it and receive a certificate indicating they are helping to rebuild a local business.  Doyle said she appreciates all the support she and other offers have received.

“Civic pride does mean a lot to St Louis people. They understand what a loss it’s been and how hard it’s been on people who really want to promote the city.”